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Linda Blom of Atlantic Highlands was the first person to respond with the correct answer.

A. The United Methodist Church in Navesink.

Obama Tax Hike is Largest in U.S. History

gordon_bishopWith liberals in control of the White House and United States Congress, America’s working class is bracing for the biggest tax killer since our country was founded in 1776 by a Tax Revolt against the British Empire for raising taxes on tea. Remember the Boston Tea Party?

Well, Americans just celebrated another Boston Tea Party this year, sending a sharp message to President Barack Hussein Obama to lower taxes for the common worker, not hit them with an oppressive, huge tax that will surely cripple our economy, according to Americans for Tax Reform, based in Washington, D.C.
Over 40 percent of Americans will not only pay no income tax, but will actually receive a “Redistribution of Wealth” check from our now socialist government…while other Americans will pay nearly 60 percent of their income to the Obama government.
Obama has pledged to:
– Hike the income tax rate to 40 percent while phasing out almost all personal exemptions and itemized deductions.
-Hike the capital-gains tax by 33 percent.
-Hike the tax on dividends by 33 prcent.
-More than double the top payroll-rate by 238 percent!
-Create a new tax surcharge of 7 percent to pay for his socialized national medicine scheme.
-Reinstate the “Death Tax” (Estate Tax) with a new top marginal rate of 45 percent.
-Hike the corporate tax burden by 25 percent.
And Obama, incredibly,  presents all this as a “Tax Cut.”  We know he smokes, but exactly WHAT is he smoking?
Meanwhile, Obama’s floating proposals about government actually confiscating retirement funds and pensions because “government knows best” how to manage your retirement.
“With liberals controlling Congress, our only hope to stop the Obama Tax Hike is to overwhelm Congress with opposition,” urged the Americans for Tax Reform (PO Box 96497, Washington, DC  20090-6497.)
“Coming from a man who admits his heroes are Marxists (Communists), this is truly alarming — but not as shocking as it is to look at the tax plan he wants to ram through Congress, which most U.S. Senators and Congressmen will not read from cover to cover,” the Tax Reform Americans asserted.
So many Congressmen and Senators won with narrow margins in last November’s presidential election, voters will think twice about ignoring the clear outdcry of their constituents — that’s all of the conservatives and independents and libertarians, which account for more than half of America’s voters.
Obama’s Far Left liberals are destroying America’s  traditional economic and social system that has served our country since its 1776 American Revolution (Tax Revolt).
Obama already has committed more taxpayers’ money in spending than all of his 43 predecessors, beginning with our founding father, George Washington. In those days, there were no income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and countless fees and taxes that even today, the IRS and Treasury Secretary cannot figure out in trying to balance our federal government budget.
We are drowning in government debt, which is in the multiple trillions of dollars. Obama’s “stimulus packages” are borrowed money that must be paid back by all of us and our children and grandchildren’s generations — with at least trillions of dollars of interest.
This is insanity at its hellish worst!
“Bye, Bye, American Pie, Take the Chevy to the Levy and the Levy is Dry…” Yes, America is dry. Our money has become worthless.
One of my favorite syndicated columnists is Walter Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University and a brilliant, conservative African American. Here’s what Mr. Williams wrote in his June 22nd column:
“The path we’re embarked upon, in the name of good, is a familiar one. The unspeakable horrors of Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism did not begin in the ’30s and ’40s  with the men usually associated with those names. Those horrors were simply the end result of a long evolution of ideas leading to consolidation of power in central government in the name of ‘social justice” (which Obama and his Chicago gang want).
“In Germany, it led to the Enabling Act of 1933: Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Nation.”
“After all, who could be against a remedy to relieve distress?
“Decent but misguided Germans, who would have cringed at the thought of what Nazi Germany would become, succumbed to Hitler’s charisma.
“Today’s Americans, enticed perhaps enchanted, by charismatic speeches, are ceding so much power to Washington, and like yesteryear’s Germans, are building the Trojan horse for a future tyrant,” Mr. Williams pointed out.
That tyrant can only be U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.
Is Obama America’s Hitler, giving us a fraudulent ‘remedy to relieve distress?”
Just keep your eye closely on those 12 trillion dollars of “stimulus” injections, which will surely bankrupt America!
Once again, dear readers, God Bless America!!!
(Gordon Bishop is a ‘Who’s Who in the World’ award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey’s First Journalist-of-the-Year” — 1986/New Jersey Press Association. NJPA was founded in 1857.)

Teeny Weenie Fish Found in Sandy Hook Bay

joe_reynoldsIt was the first full weekend of summer and the weather was beautiful. I think it was the first weekend without a rainstorm in nearly three weeks.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. By mid-day the sun was still shining, the sky was blue, and a gentle breeze was tickling the leaves of the trees.  It felt real good to see blue sky and sunshine again for an entire day.

Near the mouth of Many Mind Creek (a beach I like to call Bivalve Beach since there are so many different mollusks to discover) in the heart of Sandy Hook Bay, I was surveying the estuarine waters on behalf of the Bayshore Regional Watershed Council. The site is located downstream from where the Hudson River empties into Lower New York Bay. Fresh waters from Middletown and Atlantic Highlands mix here with saltwater from the sea and brackish waters from other parts of the estuary via two high tides and two low tides almost every single day.


(The smile of a young Oyster Toadfish looks nasty, but unless you are a crustacean most people have nothing to fear from this interesting and abundant fish in Sandy Hook Bay)

Sandy Hook Bay was calm and warm, with water temperatures in the mid 70s. Turbidity was relatively clear despite stormy weather the night before, but the density of Sea Lettuce seemed to expand as I stood there. The salinity near the mouth of Many Mind Creek was salty at around 28 ppt, but this seemed natural since the bay’s salinity is highest near its mouth where sea water from the Atlantic Ocean enters.


(A juvenile pipefish. Pipefishes are related to seahorses, notice the similar face features)

As I concluded my chemical and physical tests, a few other volunteer members from watershed council joined me on the beach. We had planned earlier to continue testing the wellbeing of Sandy Hook Bay. Out method of testing, however, would be using a seine net to conducting a biological study of the bay.


(A young Scup recently found in Sandy Hook bay)

I’ve always considered these brief seining encounters along a small shallow section of the bay special moments. It was as if I were taking the pulse of the overall estuary. If I find a lot of aquatic critters in this tiny area of the bay in a short period of time, then I can only imagine what might exist in deeper and wider areas of the estuary. All of us were eager to see what we could catch in our seine net.

A seine is a net and still commonly used by scientists to find out cheaply and quickly the diversity of fish living in waist deep areas of a water body. They are an excellent tool for collecting aquatic animals with minimal injury to the catch. A seine net is generally made of tight mesh with a float seamline on top, and a lead seamline on the bottom.

It was late morning by the time we had out seining gear ready and in place. We made three hauls of our 50′ long and 4′ high seine on a rising tide and an unexpected current moving easterly along the coast. We caught 10 species of fish, Lady Crabs, Mud Crabs, Hermit Crabs, and Sand Shrimp.


(The Bay Anchovy is a small, but common fish this year in Sandy Hook Bay that eats mainly plankton)

Each haul our net came ashore pulsing with small fish, many of which were little Bay Anchovies, Rough Silversides, Striped Killifish, and young-of-the-year [yoy] Menhaden and Bluefish. There were also many Pipe fish, young Oyster toadfish, young Windowpane flatfish, and a young Scup.

By far, the most popular catch of the day was finding three young-of-the-year Winter Flounders within the drift algae. These charming, little flatfish were most likely produced during last winter or spring by adults spawning in the nearshore estuarine waters of the bay.  Larvae are initially planktonic but metamorphosis (when the left eye migrates to the right side of the body and the larvae become “flounder-like”) begins around 5 to 6 weeks after hatching, and is completed by about 8 weeks after hatching. Young-of-the-year Winter Flounder take up residence in shallow water where they may grow to about 3 to 4 inches within the first year.


(A first-of-the-year Winter Flounder recently found in a seine net in Sandy Hook Bay)

Although studies continue to learn more about juvenile Winter Flounder, it has recently been discovered by investigations up the Hudson River that many first year fish eat plankton, especially Copepods. As they increased in size, their diet changed as well to larger estuarine critters, such as tiny worms and amphipods. No doubt, the health of Winter Flounder populations depends greatly on the health of their estuarine home.

Just when you think you know the estuary well, there is a surprise in your seine net that catches you off guard. Who knew that this modest section of the estuary is perhaps an important area for juvenile Winter Flounder to mature?

If accurate, this means that there is a greater need for local residents to protect this coastal environment for the wellbeing of Winter Flounder in the estuary. Studies in Maine have shown that the nearshore spawning grounds that are popular spawning grounds for Winter Flounder are also vulnerable to water pollution and habitat loss. Tagging studies have shown that Winter Flounder return every year to the same site to reproduce and spawn, meaning that individuals will often revisit to the location where they were hatched, or close by. This implies that there could be populations of Winter Flounder particularly vulnerable to disappearance due to coastal habit loss. If we wipe out a breeding ground then we might cause a particular spawning population to never rebuild.

Certainly there is an unbelievable world under the estuarine waters of Sandy Hook Bay. As warming waters of the bay appeal to more fish, some of those fish will include small fish and young-of-the-year newly spawned juvenile fish. These tiny fish form a massive lower tier of bay’s food web during the summer months to feed larger species of fish, such as Striped Bass, Bluefish, Summer Flounder, and Weakfish. These small fish buzz with life and excitement, especially as they try to evade larger fish. No doubt, summer is a busy time for all the fish in Sandy Hook Bay.

The Josh Zuckerman Band Kicks In For Ka-boom!

anne_mikolay_120Red Bank will once again host its Ka-Boom celebration with lively entertainment and fireworks over the Navesink on July 3rd. This year, however, the Ka-Boom committee is approximately 25% short of covering the $200,000 it costs to organize this event, and for the first time in its history, will solicit donations by  “passing the bucket” among the nearly 150,000 attendees. Despite this, Peter Reinhart, Ka-Boom chairman, has promised that the state of the economy will not affect the quality of this year’s celebration. Garden State Fireworks will once again provide the fireworks display, and thanks to the community spirit of musicians like Josh Zuckerman and his band, the evening’s entertainment will be stellar.

Last summer, Josh Zuckerman and the Josh Zuckerman Band wowed the audience at their first appearance at the Ka-Boom celebration, and despite the Ka-Boom committee’s current economic constraints, they are happy to be back at Marine Park again this year.

“We had the most amazing experience performing last year at Ka-boom,” Zuckerman commented. “To be asked back again is an absolute honor and privilege! The money has never been an issue, as we continue to focus on doing what we love, as we always get paid back in more ways than any dollar amount can be measured.”

josh_marine_parkNo stranger to charitable causes, Zuckerman and his lead guitarist, Steve DeVito, regularly lend their considerable talents to those in need. They have performed benefits for the 4H Kids for Kids organization, Red Bank’s Lunch Break program, as well as private fund raisers. Zuckerman recently released his third CD, “Got Love;” his previous CDs included his number one hit, “Out From Under.” Josh Zuckerman is an accomplished songwriter and musician who unleashes a whirlwind of energy on stage, and is more than happy to share his talents with others.

Like Zuckerman, guitarist Steve DeVito doesn’t allow the economy to get him down. DeVito, a hands-on guy willing to help out anybody in need, more than lives up to his lighthearted title of “the Unofficial Mayor of Middletown.” For DeVito, Ka-Baoom represents an opportunity to give back to the community, and celebrate American spirit.

“In these troubled times, the Ka-Boom event is a great way for us to come together in the spirit of patriotism,” DeVito said. “It (Ka-Boom) becomes more than a show. It’s about the feeling you get when we are there for each other. I would have to imagine our veterans and current members of our military become quite proud when they witness it, too. Watching the fireworks and celebrating our great nation’s independence under the stars, with tens of thousands of people, is quite an experience. That’s my motivation more than anything for doing this event. It’s a way to give back to the community. Even though there are budget struggles with this year’s event, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I didn’t ask how much; I asked, what time?!”

If you’re planning to be in Red Bank this weekend for the Ka-Boom celebration, drop a little something in the fund raising bucket when it comes your way. And make sure you are at Marine Park at 8:30 p.m. when Josh Zuckerman, accompanied by Steve DeVito on lead guitar, and Bayshore Music instructors Chris Russo on drums, and Matt Morris on bass, takes the stage. Give Josh and Steve, and all the Ka-Boom performers a rousing hand of applause. Thank them for not being motivated by the dollar, and for performing for the crowds in celebration of the 4th despite the slumping economy. Thank them for kicking in for Ka-Boom.

People with Disabilities in Institutions

danvance_120If not for volunteering at age 13 to help a girl with traumatic brain injury, Robert Stack likely wouldn’t have gone on to begin an organization that would improve the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.

“Back then, I was (at age 13) studying to be a priest,” 53-year-old Stack said in a telephone interview from the headquarters of his New Jersey nonprofit, Community Options. “I was volunteering to work with children with disabilities and didn’t know (much) about physical disability. I was taking this one girl through the mall and helping her do things. I enjoyed being involved trying to facilitate her growth. Her name was Tanya.”

Eventually, he became director of United Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey. In 1989, he founded Community Options, which develops housing and employment for people with disabilities, serving 1,500 people in nine states and operating 170 group homes.

One cause he has adopted: More than 50,000 Americans with disabilities still live in state-run institutions.

“The state with the most people with disabilities in institutions is Texas, which has almost 5,000 people in 13 institutions,” he said. “New Jersey has 3,000. Twelve states don’t have any. Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and New York have large numbers.”

People with disabilities that have done nothing wrong against society shouldn’t have to live in institutions, he said. Fortunately, the number of people affected has been dropping because of evidence showing people generally do much better living in community-based group homes. It’s far less expensive for taxpayers, too. But the numbers aren’t dropping fast enough, Stack said.

Stack cited one example of a blind man leaving an institution who, after moving out on his own, gained full-time employment and company-paid healthcare benefits. “By living out in the community, many of these people become more independent and less dependent on others,” he added.

Of the 50,000 people with disabilities remaining in state institutions, Stack believed at least 30,000 were in sufficient physical, mental, and emotional readiness to leave tomorrow for community residential housing if given an opportunity. He said some states may be keeping these institutions open just to avoid layoffs.

“These people are a disenfranchised group,” he said. “If having a magic wand, I’d like to see their number (in institutions) cut in half within a year. It’s not hard to do. It’s just a matter of having the will to do it.”

Contact danieljvance.com. [All American Foods and Palmer Bus Service made this column possible.]

Summertime Activities in AH

jack_archibald_120It is hard to tell if summer is here.  Sure, the humidity is around but the sun is nowhere to be found.  One sure sign of summer is that our kids are hanging around the house and looking for something to do.  Fortunately, Atlantic Highlands is the type of town where a bike and a fishing pole can take kids a long way.

If the children aren’t interested in fishing, then parents would be advised to check out the Atlantic Highlands summer recreation program.  Year in and year out, this program is easily the best bargain in town.  For less than $100, the recreation commission sponsors a summer camp for six weeks every Monday through Friday.  Last year, over 125 children

Participated in the camp which offered activities for children of all ages.  You may have to pay a late fee, but there is still time to sign up by calling borough hall and asking for the recreation committee.  While you doing that, ask about the other camps and clinics that will be hosted by the committee this summer.

For those kids that have to be near the water, the Atlantic Highlands Sailing Education Program is a great value.  The program teaches basic sailing skills to Bayshore youths from the ages of eight to seventeen. Classes are taught by US Sailing certified instructors using US Sailing’s proven techniques.  Most of the classes are two week courses and interested students can sign up for several courses.  More information can be found at AHSEP web site www.ahsep.org but space is limited, so sign up quickly.  It is said that short of driving a car, there is nothing more thrilling for a kid than sailing a boat.

Finally, next week offers the event that everyone looks forward to in Atlantic Highlands.  It is the annual Fireman’s Fair at the Harbor with bands, rides, food, and great fun.  Starting on Tuesday June 30 and running through the weekend, the fair offers something for all ages. There are games of chance, fireworks on July 2, food from participating restaurants, and the opportunity to meet with fellow residents and spend some time just catching up with them.

If your child is sitting around the house this summer, it won’t be from lack of things to do. Through those great volunteer groups- Recreation, AHSEP, and the fireman-there is something for everyone this summer.  Time is of the essence because summer is upon us and these great offerings won’t be available for long.

The Temple Sanction

woody_zimmerman_118_2007Like millions of Americans over the last 75 years, I have enjoyed watching the wonderful films of the great child-star, Shirley Temple. Obviously, she had a world of talent. She was truly America’s Sweetheart and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1930s.

Miss Temple received praise for her cheerful singing and dancing in upbeat films that encouraged the public during the darkest days of the Great Depression. “On the Good Ship Lollipop” was her signature song. President Franklin Roosevelt once said, “as long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right.”

Shirley Temple also broke new social ground by teaming in several films with the great black dancer Bill “Bojanges” Robinson. Racial taboos at the time forbade physical contact between a black man and a white girl or woman, so scenes in which Miss Temple and Mr. Robinson held hands while dancing were cut from their films in several southern states. Nevertheless, the Temple films set a new model for full inclusion of non-white actors in the Hollywood milieu.

The racial issue did not produce the only negative response to Shirley Temple’s films, however.   Novelist Graham Greene wrote a 1938 review for the magazine Night and Day of her appearance in Wee Willie Winkie. Said Mr. Greene:

Her admirers – middle-aged men and clergymen – respond to her dubious coquetry, to the sight of her well-shaped and desirable little body, packed with enormous vitality, only because the safety curtain of story and dialogue drops between their intelligence and their desire.

This outrageously prurient statement was not greeted in 1938 with the same sophisticated equanimity that it might receive from popular culture today. Instead, Miss Temple and her mother – aided by 20th Century Fox – sued Night and Day and Mr. Greene for libel in a British court. Their successful lawsuit resulted in a huge fine that crippled the magazine and forced it to close.

As they say – that was then and this is now. An entire political segment of our country – primarily on the Democrat side – has spent much of the past year making salacious remarks, filled with sexual innuendo, about the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and her family. This was deemed “fair” in the context of Mrs. Palin’s inclusion as the vice-presidential candidate on the 2008 Republican ticket – especially since the governor’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, was found to be with child by her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, during the campaign. Obama-leaning reporters obsessed on Bristol Palin’s unmarried pregnancy as though such a thing had never happened before in a single American family. (Shocked! is wot they were…)

The unwritten rule that candidates’ children are off-limits to reporters and journalists was repealed in Mrs. Palin’s case. Democrats simply ignored the no-kids rule, to the outrage of the GOP. Savvy observers noted that Mrs. Palin’s bright, fresh persona and good looks seemed to terrify Democrats, who evidently decided that her destruction was essential. She was viciously attacked for her sexy appearance and “sluttish” family. Reporters who wouldn’t know child-raising from a barn-raising said she neglected her family to advance her political career. Indeed, she was subjected to criticisms that no media figure would dare direct at a female Democrat.

Comments on Mrs. Palin’s son, Trig, who is afflicted with Downs Syndrome, were the most disgusting of all, as feminists scolded her for failing to abort when the child’s disability was discovered, pre-birth. A compendium of all the denunciations hurled at Mrs. Palin and her family would take more space than we have here.

Since the election, the campaign to trash and destroy Mrs. Palin has continued. The latest celebrity to joyfully pile on was late-night “comedian” David Letterman, who joked in his June 8th monologue that Mrs. Palin stocked up on “slutty flight attendant lipstick” during her recent visit to New York. He also yukked that Mrs. Palin’s daughter was propositioned by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez during a Yankees baseball game.

Letterman later insisted the daughter-joke was about 18-year-old teen mom Bristol, but the Palin daughter at Yankee Stadium that night was 14-year-old Willow. (Oops!) The governor furiously accused Mr. Letterman of encouraging a culture that countenances statutory rape. Mr. Letterman tried to smooth things over by claiming that it was just a “tasteless joke” – i.e., an application of the unwritten rule that comedians can say anything (tasteless or otherwise) if they call it a “joke”.

I’m certain I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Mr. Letterman tried to prolong the uproar that followed. He could have ended it by simply apologizing for his comments about Mrs. Palin’s family. How hard is it to say? – “I apologize to Governor Palin and her family. I shouldn’t have said that. It was wrong of me.” Which daughter he meant to defame is beside the point. In the end he gave a flaccid (“I can’t believe I offended anyone…”) apology, but the furor raised his TV ratings significantly during that week. No doubt someone on his staff made sure his name was spelled right in all the news reports that damned him with faint praise.

Don Imus was forced off the air because he made a stupid, tasteless remark about some female basketball players. So far, nothing untoward has happened to David Letterman. (Don’t hold your breath.) In a recent article, the blogger Slate argued that both Letterman and Palin used the situation to grab higher ratings. The blogosphere is rife with speculation about who “won” the battle between the sophisticated comedian – he the fearless champion of truth, degeneracy and the American way of sleaze – and the trashy hayseed politician who wants to muzzle good clean fun. We live in a surreal time.

In my day, such public comments about my wife or daughter – even spoken in jest – would have prompted me to invite the speaker to step outside to discuss the matter like a man – if, indeed he was one. We’ll probably never know if this was Todd Palin’s impulse or not. In some ways, public issuance of such an invitation might have been the simplest resolution of the matter. Of course, Mr. Letterman’s advanced age (62) might have discouraged Mr. Palin from challenging him to fisticuffs (or dung-hurling at five paces) outside the CBS studios. Old guy or not, David Letterman is a lecherous swine who is waaay overdue for a serious butt-kicking.

However entertaining a literal Palin-Letterman dustup might be, a famous Eddie Murphy line from the film Trading Places seems apropos: “The best way to hurt rich people is to make them into poor people…” Thus, the “Temple Sanction” – i.e., a lawsuit for libel (see above) – seems like the better remedy against David Letterman and CBS. A rumble on the asphalt would only boost his ratings, while a big monetary award – and the ugly publicity that might accompany a lawsuit – could land a serious blow. Mr. Letterman might even go the way of Imus if enough sponsors flee the sordid spectacle.

Merriam-Webster defines libel as: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression; a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt.

Mr. Letterman’s disgusting comments defamed Mrs. Palin’s daughter. Whichever one he says he meant to defame is immaterial. You don’t get to proclaim that a teen-aged girl has had adulterous sex with a grown man, even in jest, unless you have evidence. Bristol Palin is not fair game, for the indefinite future, just because she made the mistake of conceiving a child out of wedlock at an earlier time in her life. (I’d like a show of hands from all parents who side with DL on this.)

Mrs. Palin is a politician, not a child film-star, but she still has a right to defend her family from defamatory remarks that hold them up “to public contempt.” Try to imagine the uproar if David Letterman made similar cracks about Barack Obama’s daughters or his wife. Enough is enough. I’m not sure when we lost our way on common decency, but it’s time to look for the way back.

Picture This – 6/23/09


Identify the location and win

Picture This! We’ll show you a photo taken in Monmouth County. You tell us where it is located. If you have not won in the last 3 months and you know the answer, send your response to: [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please include with your name and the town where you live. Be the first person to respond with the correct answer and we will publish your name and town.

Previous winner:


David Cooper of Franklin Park, NJ was the first person to respond with the correct answer.

A. The spillway at Swimming River Reservoir

Conservative Reagan Versus Liberal Obama

A World Apart

gordon_bishopYOUNG AMERICA, an organization founded by followers of President Ronald Reagan — now considered among America’s 5 Greatest Presidents — is doing everything it can to stop the Far Left liberals from turning America’s Freedom & Liberty into a European Socialist Society controlled by a strong Central Government in Washington, D.C.

Bye-Bye capitalism and conservatism and welcome Barack Obama’s liberal Marxist Socialism.

President Obama  and the Left understood the benefits or reaching out to young people, and he reaped those benefits for his cause.

Now, we’re seeing more indications that greater numbers of young people are becoming interested in his socialistic agenda, which includes Marxism:” The redistribution of income,”or, as Obama says, “Share the Wealth!”

This presents a tremendous problem for the long-term future of our country, because Obama and his liberal accomplices are trying to deceive younger generations, according to Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation.

With the Left promoting their socialistic ideology at a frenzied pace, Young America needs all the support it can get from conservatives and independents, who make up more than 50 percent of the voting population.

Young America’s Foundation is reaching out to those who share their values, ideas and philosophy, which will be heard, promoted and championed and fought for by young people.

Young America has student activists on more than 2,000 campuses ready to fight for conservative ideas and ready to attend summer conferences, including its National Conservative Student Conference and National  High School Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

They are 37 percent of young Americans who still love and believe in America, our free enterprise system, and America’s traditional values.

But these young Americans won’t be able to do anything about their impressionable peers, unless they are trained and equipped to defend their ideas.

Young America is between “a rock and hard place.” America, during the 20th Century, has been transformed into a liberal, socialist society, beginning with liberal Democrat Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” which really was a “Raw Deal” for taxpayers and voters.

Today, we have a leftist government committed to a “Tax-and-Spend Agenda” that’s bankrupting this once prosperous economic society.

In  his first 100 days as President, Obama committed the federal government to borrowing more than 12 trillion dollars, imposing an annual interest rate of one trillion dollars a year.

Is it any wonder foreign countries will no longer invest in America?

Obama’s real mission is to turn America into an Islamic Nation. His father was an African Arab Muslim. That’s his blood roots.

I simply don’t trust this guy, who is a product of the most corrupt city in America: Chicago.

I still can’t believe this guy is sitting in the Oval Office as the “Leader of the Free World.”

It’s frightening for not just America, but other countries still not under the heavy hand of liberal Marxism.

Young America wants to teach today’s youthful generation how to advance a freedom philosophy to large audiences — one of the reasons I’m writing this column because I am an Independent, fiscal Conservative who votes as a Libertarian.

Honestly, I no longer trust our country’s 2-party system.

I can no longer differentiate a Conservative from a Liberal, or a Republican from a Democrat.

To me, they are starting to look like a “One Party System.”

President George W. Bush certainly was not a conservative Republican. He behaved more like a liberal “Tax-and-Spend” loser.

The one leadership quality I admired was Bush’s ability to keep America safe for 8 years, following the first terrorist attack on America on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.,  and a commercial  airplane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

Some 3,000 people were killed by these Islamic terrorists.

Most Americans seem to have a short memory. We are now vulnerable and could be attacked again, according to Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden, a former Delaware U.S. Senator.

So much for liberal “leadership” in the White House.

I grew up in the 1940s and ’50s. It was a different world then. It took two atomic bombs to end World War II.

Today, America is no longer safe from a deteriorating world. We would never use the atom bomb in a war. It would ignite a global nuclear catastrophe.

As Pogo the famous cartoon character observed many decades ago,”We’ve met the enemy — and they’s us.”

And, once again, “God Bless America” (and the rest of the world).

(Gordon Bishop is a ‘Who’s Who in the World’ award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey’s first “Journalist-of-the-Year” — 1986/New Jersey Press Association.)

The Expanding English Dictionary

george_hancockstefanA couple of weeks ago we were told by Paul J.J. Payack from the Global Language Monitor that the English language has welcomed its one millionth word. The capstone of the English language is a reflection of our advanced technological time. The new word is Web 2.0.

The meaning of this new word is, “the next generation of web products and services, coming soon to a browser near you.”

I have had a fascination with the English language since I had to learn it when I was 15 years old. This was after I had learned Romanian as my maternal language, Serbo-Croatian as the language needed to advance in school and education, and French as the language of European culture. Currently my best language is English. The uniqueness of the English language was that we had to learn the language by spelling it. The difficulty of spelling was well-known by others such as noted American author Mark Twain. He wrote that if you want to know how to spell a word, ask a foreigner because while you may not understand because of his accent, he will be the best source of the correct spelling.

Twain’s wise comment was observed again when a teenager named Kavya Shivashankar won the 2009 Scripp’s National Spelling Bee with the word Laodicean. Oddly enough, if you have watched the program this was one of the easier words that the students had to handle.

What created surprise for me and many others was Charlie Gibson’s comment on the ABC News that he did not recognize the word, nor did he think that he has ever heard it before the spelling bee. Now, I consider Charlie Gibson a part of the intelligentsia whose vast reading should have covered the Bible. Laodicean is one of the biblical words found in the book of Revelation. The last of the seven churches in the Bible was the Laodicean Church which because of its lukewarmness or indifference in spiritual matters would be cast out by the Lord.

Biblical words are not in the vernacular anymore. Willimon, the former chaplain and dean of spiritual development at Duke University and currently a Methodist Bishop, wrote that many people have asked him not to preach using certain words. In fact, someone sent him a list of words that he should not use such as salvation, justification, sanctification, etc. This was in well-established contrast with the fact that the translation of the Bible in a new language is always an expansion of that language.

When I studied at Wheaton College with hundreds of foreign students I remember one night in which we were trying to figure out how we feel when we say the same words or ideas in different languages. It was a highly stimulating intellectual evening because in that group that night many students spoke at least five languages. However, for my wife who is monolingual, the best story is a time when I preached with a translator at our former church in Chicago. I preached in English and my friend translated in Romanian. In one instance for emphasis I said something in Romanian. My translator switched to English and for the rest of the sermon I preached in Romanian and she translated in English as though nothing has happened. At that time both of us knew that we achieved a level of academic success in our speaking abilities of both languages.

Language impacts us greatly, but it is difficult to pin down due to its constant evolution. I believe that language and languages greatly enrich us. We have a wonderful opportunity to better both our conversation and our knowledge by learning words both widely-known (Web 2.0) and obscure (Laodicean).