New Year’s Poll 2009

jack_archibald_120The year 2009 was full of surprises and next year will be no different. As in past years, the winner of our annual New Years poll will receive a free one – year subscription to the Herald courtesy of this writer.

Will the Highlands Bridge be completed by the end of 2010?

Will Hillary Clinton resign her post as Secretary of State next year?

How many House seats will Republicans gain in November elections?

When does Governor David Patterson drop out of the race for Governor of New York?

Will President Obama’s approval rating be higher or lower next December?

How many state jobs will Chris Christie eliminate in his first year?

Which month will President Ahmadinejad flee Tehran?

Which Monmouth County Democrat will run for Sheriff in 2010?

Will Senator Frank Lautenberg resign his seat next year?

By the end of 2010, how many Republicans will have declared for the Presidency?

The Dow Jones will be closer to 9,000 or 12,000 on July 1?

Which Republican Senator gets a spot in the Christie administration- Sean Kean or Joe Kyrillos?

At which tournament will Tiger Woods make his 2010 debut?

Which Bayshore Republican will challenge Congressman Frank Pallone next fall?

Will Freeholder John D’Amico stand for re-election in 2010?

President Obama will nominate Jon Corzine for which post in the Administration?

On June 1, the NJ unemployment rate will be higher or lower than 10%?

Who gets married in 2010- Jennifer Anniston or Britney Spears?

Will the Borough of Highlands repay the $22,000 to the Regional Sewer Authority?

How many rushing yards will former Atlantic Highlands Pop Warner players Knowshawn Moreno and Donald Brown combine for in 2010?

Good luck to all and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

New Years Eve

anne_mikolay_120The ball drops at midnight in Times Square. Whippee.

I’ve never understood the attraction of celebrating New Years Eve with strangers standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the cold streets of New York. The whole affair seems like a lot of expensive, unnecessary hoopla to me. An invitation to party, drink oneself under the table, and mess up the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne.” Despite my affinity for all things Scottish, that’s one song I don’t like.

Yes, “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scottish folk song. Partially written by Robert Burns in the 1700s, variations of the tune are sung on New Years Eve around the world. “Auld Lang Syne” literally means “old long ago.” The good old days. Time gone by. “Auld Lang Syne” is what New Years Eve should be about…the good old days. Remembering, respecting, and understanding the past, then tucking it away in our hearts for safekeeping before gratefully and hopefully ushering in the new.

Unfortunately, New Years Eve has evolved into a world-wide party, a “kiss off” for the “bad old days” we can’t wait to get rid of. Whether it’s the economy, political unrest, or more personal conflicts, revelers gather each December 31st to kick the past aside to make way for a fresh start, which, despite the best of intentions, rarely comes. Thus, New Years Eve is a waste of time. Much ado about nothing.  “Auld Lang Syne,” that overused, misunderstood Scottish folk song, misses its mark each and every time. 

If it makes you happy, celebrate in Times Square, bang pots or set off firecrackers in the street, or you can do what I do. I gather with family, teacup in hand (it’s the Scottish in me), watch an old movie, laugh a little, remember a lot, and then gratefully, contentedly fall asleep.

Who Was Righteous In 2009?

george_hancockstefanThis year, many biblical images have been upheld in the various political debates that have kept us guessing about the direction of the country. In the debates about the continuation of our country’s involvement in Afghanistan, the issue of being a nation that is standing up to the evils of the world was mentioned. We have been entrusted with this power in order to do good globally, which was another laudable idea. On the other hand, there were those who saw the war as evil and believed that the best thing that this administration could do was to bring the soldiers home and use the money to take care of the poor and needy in this country.

During the health debate, all sorts of godly issues were thrown around. God wants us to take care of the poor; God does not want to fleece the people who have resources; God is against debt; God wants the hard-working people to prosper. At certain times various people took the moral high ground, arguing that they would never give in to this type of financial situation. For about one week the pro-life people rallied around Senator Nelson because he was not going to give in. On Saturday, when he announced that he would support the bill, everyone saw how padded his vote was for the state of Nebraska.

As I was listening and reading, I started to think about what makes a righteous person. Genesis describes the people of Noah’s day as utterly corrupt. “The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth has become, and that every inclination of his heart was only evil all the time.” (Gen. 6:5) In the midst of this corruption, Noah is introduced. “Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God. “ (Gen. 6:12). The other righteous person is Abraham who decided to take nothing from the spoils of war. He says, “I have raised my hand to the Lord, God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth, and I have taken an oath that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the thong of a sandal so that you will never be able to say, “I have made Abraham rich” (Gen. 14:22-23).

Some pastors preach the gospel of health and wealth and they present themselves as the examples of such accomplishments. It was sad to see how so many sectors benefitted tremendously through the art of compromise utilized in writing this health care bill. Many senators did favors and received favors which had nothing to do with the bill. As the debates went on, I asked myself if there was a righteous senator in Washington, DC who had not sold out to a group or who was not there to make himself rich.

For me, Richard Wurmbrand was a righteous person. During one of my visits to his house, my sister remarked, “Take a good look at the living room furniture.” When we left the house, my sister said to me, “It is the same furniture that we saw there about 10 years ago.” Wurmbrandt was one of the best fundraisers for the cause of the persecuted Christians. He raised millions of dollars every year. Some of his friends insisted that he should get better clothes, buy himself a better house and furnish it with newer furniture for the guests who constantly came through his house. Yet as my sister observed, he remained a simple man, dressed humbly in his Lutheran garb, and kept the same furniture that he had when he came to this country. He remained poor his entire life, while providing release from prisons to thousands, and food and clothing for those who desperately needed it.

Because he dealt with righteousness, when people were in his company they felt that they were in the company of a holy, a righteous man.

In Proverbs 14:34 we read; “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” I pray that our political leaders and we as a nation will embrace righteousness in our time for our sake and for the sake of the generations that will come after us.





Obama’s Barbarians are at Our Gates

gordon_bishop    Yes, it seems as if we have reached the last inning in President Barack Hussein Obama’s reckless health care game.The long game will soon be decided.

    My question to you is: Have you played your part, have you protected yourself, your family and your friends?

    Have your elected representatives who acted in your best interest and that of their constituents?

    Recently, I asked my Doctor, “What’s your position on Obama’s health care plan?

    His answer: “It has nothing to do with health care. It has only to do with control.”

    This came to my attention from Daniel G. Anderson of Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 in the December 21st issue of The Washington Times.

    Yes, Obama is a socialist Marxist control freak!

    Health care is one-sixth of of America’s economy.

    Obama already has nationalized most of America’s industrial economy, led by the automobile industry.

    This Far Left Radical Socialists want to nationalize our banks —  and even more!

    This is only the beginning of an Islamic Marxist nation, as envisioned by this Chicago politician, or thug, occupying the White House with his crooked Chicago Gang.

    Are Americans so weak and defenseless as to submit to a trillion dollar bankruptcy of this great nation?

    Will we give up the best health care system in the world?

    Will we grovel at the feet of reigning  politicians  who dole out health care in Washington?

    Will we surrender those precious freedoms given through generations from our founding fathers?

    Since when have Americans surrendered those liberties given freely to us by countless generations?

    I remember another 9th inning, an important one from years ago. The New York Yankees were behind and failing fast. Forecasters threw up their hands when a brave young catcher named Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over!”

    Guess who won in that famous last inning?

    We are men and women of a proud land. We no longer have Yogi at the plate.

    We are the plate!

    This may be our last inning.

    In a long game of strength, character and a will to defeat those who would rob us of our freedoms and our liberty, let us join Yogi, as we all should say, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over!”

    Too often we have waited to long. But it is never too late to defend our rights and our traditions.

    So, let us begin again. Let us review the history of this impending health care disaster.

    This present administration has been emboldened by its capture of banks and much of our auto industry. Now they are closing in on health care. As my doctor said, “it has nothing to do with health care, it has only to do with control.”

    America’s health care system is universally considered “the best in the world.” Does it have flaws? Of course! What doesn’t. Who doesn’t?

    But do you take the best-designed engine in the world and trash it in favor of an untried government program that has never been tested?

    Incidentally, other government programs have been tested and nearly all have failed miserably.

    There is a positive answer to all of this. There are three health care reforms, which could easily ensure health care insurance for every single American citizen.

    First, it has been proven that “Tort” reform would substantially reduce unnecessary health care cost by at least 60 percent. This is because doctors and hospitals fear unfounded lawsuits.

    America lives in a crazy lawsuit society. Too many lawyers are choking the legal system. They love “Tort” because that’s where the big bucks are.

    The great bard, William Shakespeare, once observed: “First, kill all the lawyers!”

    I wouldn’t go that far, but we must first deal with a legal system that is totally corrupt.

    And remember, too many American Presidents have been, and continue to be lawyers, including the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) — and now, the Obamas (Barack and Michele).

    They’re all products of Yale Law School.

    What a wasteful way to make a living and then take over the White House…and the United States of America.    

    We could go on and on talking about the huge number of physicians who will throw in the towel, or hospitals closing, regulation of drug distribution, and enduring the pain that British and Canadian citizens endure with rationed health care.

    Enough is enough!

    Stand with us and say, “America will not surrender its traditions, its liberties, or above all, its sacred honor.”


(Gordon Bishop is a ‘Who’s Who in the World”‘national award-winning author, historian, journalist, syndicated columnist, and New Jersey’s First “Journalist-of-the-Year”–1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.)

Work Injury

danvance_120On July 12, 2007, Ralph Rekemeyer accidentally tumbled from high up a ladder to the ground while cleaning windows. His life changed instantly. Rekemeyer reads this column in the DeWitt (Iowa) Observer.

“About the only thing I remember about that day was a police officer hovering over me to assist an emergency medical technician,” said 58-year-old Rekemeyer in a telephone interview. “They helped me onto a stretcher before taking me in a helicopter to University of Iowa Hospital.”

Rekemeyer broke his sternum, all his ribs, and his spine at the T-7 level. He and his brother co-owned a successful window cleaning company.

“I woke up and my wife was there at the bed,” he said. “I was told I’d probably never walk again. My wife didn’t want to react in a way that would keep me down worse than I was.”

He spent three months in the hospital before transferring to a rehabilitation facility in Davenport. He began using a wheelchair. When finally returning home, he and his wife suddenly realized their home was inaccessible, so they built a new home with extra-wide doorways, wide hallways, lower door knobs, and a roll-in shower. They had to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van.

He said, “I still have good function in my upper body, but have complete paralysis from the trunk down. It’s been a tough adjustment for me. I’ve always been an outdoors person, and now I’m not able to hunt, fish or work around outside. Until you get into a situation like this, you don’t think of people in this position.”

For years, he said, he used to clean the windows of hospitals and large nursing homes. While doing it, he saw perhaps hundreds of people with disabilities, yet never really had been able to understand their situation.

He really would like a part-time job, but can’t find one that offers him meaningful work. And he bristled at the idea of doing make-work or shuffling papers. Rekemeyer has many years of experience selling services for the window cleaning company. “I want something in which I can be productive,” he said.

Rekemeyer has received a great deal of encouragement from his wife and 16-year-old daughter. “They try to make me be as independent as possible by not babying me,” he said. “That’s probably a good thing for anyone in a similar situation.”

Contact [All American Foods and Blue Valley Sod made this column possible.]

Brrrrr, Winter Birds Blow in Along the Jersey Shore

joe_reynoldsAs if to ring in the winter season, there was still about 15 inches of snow on the ground from the first snowstorm of the season. There was also a frigid wind blowing from the north and the air was bitterly cold. The windchill was 15°F and Sandy Hook Bay had that arctic appearance of water about to ice over.


(A pair of Sanderlings in nonbreeding plumage recently seen at Sandy Hook scanning the winter beach for various invertebrates, such as worms, to eat and stay warm)

It sure felt like winter! Sure enough, after looking at the calendar, it was December 21, time for the winter solstice to arrive.

Spend some time where water meets land and you can sense that the natural world is getting ready for another interesting winter season. Every day, more and more robust warm-blooded animals, such as winter songbirds, waterfowl, and different species of seals, such as Harbor Seals, are arriving around the waters off the Sandy Hook peninsula. For many cold-blooded animals, such as oysters, hard clams, Blue-claw crabs, barnacles, and even the ubiquitous Killifish, the cold temperatures of the water have shut or slowed them down for the winter.


(One of the most beautiful winter birds to be seen along the Jersey Shore, the male Long-tailed Duck)

For those of us who love the outdoors, winter is an especially good time to study the Jersey Shore. Gone are the hordes of tourists, crowded parking lots, and nasty beach fees.  Yet, winter is also a time to be smart and respect the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite. The best approach is to bundle up in layers and don’t forget a hat and food to keep you warm.

Early morning during last winter solstice, I was bundled up in a heavy jacket, thermal pants, a hat, gloves, and a scarf. This is the only way to spend any length of time along a winter beach. It turned out, though, the bulky clothes were worth it.


(A male Black Scoter is a common diving duck along the ocean shores of Sandy Hook during the winter. Take note of the rather large bright yellow knob on its beak)

As the sun rose over the Atlantic Ocean, a bustle of animal activity ensued where the waters of the sea meet up with Sandy Hook Bay. There were birds, birds, birds, all over the place. The latest blast of Arctic air to hit the Jersey Shore seemed to bring a sense of urgency among many birds to stay warm and find food.

There were several Great Blue Herons huddled close and seeking some still active fish in a narrow tidal waterway. More than anything , though, there were scores of Black ducks, Mallards, Brant, and migrating Canada Geese all seeking a watery meal as well.

That wasn’t all. A kingfisher could be seen in the distance and about twenty Buffleheads, 15 Red-breasted Mergansers, and many Black Scoters swimming in the water. I observed from my spotting scope several mergansers, a jumble of males and females, diving repeatedly near the edge of the shoreline and coming up, more often than not, with a fish.


(An American Tree Sparrow was recently seen seeking seeds in a saltwater wetland at Sandy Hook)

Up a bit on land, in a tidal marsh, the American Tree Sparrow was a real treat and a new bird for me at that site. It is an attractive winter visitor from northern Canada and Newfoundland. Joined by a number of Song Sparrows, the two sparrows were seeking out a meal of seeds on former weedy habitat. on or near the ground. Out near the end of the bay, I saw and heard several Long-tailed ducks. All the critters were searching hard for breakfast that morning.


(A Red-throated Loon in non-breeding plumage recently seen near the winter beach at Sandy Hook)

The winter solstice has finally arrived to the Jersey Shore. This does not mean, however, that the coast should be avoided. You may have to dress warmly for now to withstand the biting winds off the water, but for the time being, the short days and long, cold nights have their effect in changing the beach. The winter beach is a wonderful place to see warm-blooded wildlife that are not there during the warmer months. I can’t say if you will enjoy the winter beach or not, but with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and scores of seals in the water or beautiful bird life to observe through my spotting scope, the cold hardly matter to me at all.

Unexpected Gifts – Mysterious Ways

woody_zimmerman_118_2007One of my favorite scenes in the dark film “Pale Rider” (starring Clint Eastwood) depicts a visit to the good-guy miners’ camp by the villainous young boss, accompanied by his giant thug, Club (played by 7’2” Richard Kiel). The purpose of the visit was to intimidate the miners and their new “preacher” – i.e., Mr. Eastwood’s mysterious character.

In his opening move of the dramatic scene, Club grabs a sledge and crashes a mighty blow upon a huge boulder, splitting it in half. After the Preacher drives the unwelcome pair away, he examines the split boulder, which he and one of the miners had been trying to break up. He quips: “Well, the Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways…” The miners proceed to break up the boulder, allowing them to get at the stream bed beneath it. Later, gold is found there.

What draws me to this cinematic tale is the idea that a dangerous threat can sometimes be turned into a blessing. In some cases the circumstances can seem supernatural – almost like a deliberate gift.

Most of us are preoccupied with gifts at Christmastime. Usually the gifts in our lives – either given or received – are expected, but sometimes an unexpected gift comes along. During recent weeks the American people saw a couple of such gifts – both delivered on a national scale, and neither of them entirely appreciated yet. Years – even decades – will pass before we fully realize their value. Eventually, historians will note that in the late fall and early winter of 2009, somebody was looking out for America, when two mega-gifts fell on us. This is the world according to me, but bear with me.

The first “gift” was a curious event that didn’t look much like a gift when it occurred. It was the public disclosure of over 1000 e-mails between climate scientists at East Anglia University and others in the climate-change “research” community. The unauthorized leakage became controversial beyond the aspect of mere “theft” when reporters saw that many of the e-mails mentioned “massaging” temperature data to make them conform to the “climate warming” story line.

Some of the e-mails expressed displeasure with scientists who wrote articles opposing the anthropogenic theory of global warming – i.e., the theory that human behavior is causing the earth to warm. Writers of the e-mails wanted these “deniers” punished. The indicated punishment was to freeze such people out of the climate-science community and cut them off from the lavish stream of governmental funding. Also, the boycotting of journals which published such articles was suggested.

Scientists wrote frankly in the e-mails of how they performed “tricks” with data to cover up epochs of “inconveniently” warm or cool temperatures that did not fit the theoretical profile laid out by Al Gore and his cadre of alarmists. The latter want us to severely curtail our modern industrialized society, with its cheap electrical power, mechanized personal transportation and multitude of effort-saving conveniences – all features that have built the greatest economy in history and made modern life easy and affordable. Millions of third-world people aspire to it.

Possibly the most shocking disclosure was what can only be described as a “conspiracy” to block the release of temperature data to people who request them under the Freedom of Information Act. Some leaked e-mails suggested that data should be destroyed outright, rather than be released to “outsiders.”

There were also indications that some empirical data have already been destroyed, leaving only the “adjusted” data. If so, this would be a complete corruption of scientific process, a fundamental principle of which is repeatable experimentation on the same evidentiary set. This would be impossible if empirical data were destroyed.

Mainstream Media outlets tried to squelch the story of the e-mails at first, or else tried to make a big deal out of them being “stolen.” But the internet, Fox News, and various independent outlets refused to go along. The Washington Post – which famously published the classified Pentagon Papers stolen by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971 – huffily refused to publish the “stolen” e-mails, but eventually, the story got too big, and the news of the climate-data conspiracy intruded into the public’s consciousness. Your typical man-on-the-street now knows that climate scientists have been cooking temperature data to promote the idea that we have to trash our economy and pay huge taxes to “save” the planet – except that the planet isn’t really warming, and our sacrifices would do nothing measurable except make us poorer.

I saw an interview in which Al Gore pooh-poohed the leaked e-mails, stating that the most recent one appeared to be ten years old. But Mr. Gore was either misinformed or else he lied: the most recent e-mail was just a month old. Besides, revelations of “manipulated” data are serious no matter how old they are.

In addition, this old “modeler” wishes to note that results produced by computer models are not “data,” and models constructed upon corrupted data are not trustworthy. Many of the predictions of future climate “doom” are based on these models, all of which are now potentially discredited. This scandal is far worse than uneducated reporters realize. The leaked e-mails will turn out to be the bust of all busts. Politicians might try to ignore them, but scientists know they cannot.

Politicians say timing is the key factor in politics. Indeed, some say timing is “everything.” The U. S. House of Representatives managed to sneak through a bill to control carbon dioxide emissions on June 25th, under the convenient cover of Michael Jackson’s death. Media outlets – including Fox News – dropped everything to furnish wall-to-wall coverage of the pop star’s passing. While the public’s attention was diverted, the “cap and trade” bill, which would impose immense new taxes on business and individuals, squeaked through the House by a vote of 219-212. Some political analysts believe it might have been stopped if its damaging provisions had been given full coverage in a timely way.

So what is the “miracle” of which I spoke earlier? The miracle is that same key factor of timing – but this time turned against furtherance of the global warming swindle. Just as the Senate was finishing up its health care reform bill and turning its attention to the House’s cap-and-trade bill – and just as the 193-nation conference on climate change was getting under way – the ruinous revelations of the leaked e-mails hit the public’s consciousness. For the “green” agenda, the timing could not have been worse; nor could it have been better for the hapless American taxpayer, who was looking at a deliberate wreckage of the American economy and its industrial base for the sake of an unproved theory.

The second, delicious part of the miracle does, indeed, have semi-divine aspects to it, as it involves the weather. Climate scientists like to claim that they can predict the weather 100 years out, but none evidently foresaw the gigantic snowstorm that dumped some 20” of snow on Washington, DC, and its suburbs on December 19th. It was the largest December snowstorm in Washington’s recorded history. The great irony is that the storm hit just as President Barack Obama was returning from an appearance at the Copenhagen climate conference, where he declaimed about the urgent need to “act” to stop the climate from warming. Even Mainstream Media talking heads guffawed about record cold and snow thwarting the “green” story-line and making Mr. Obama’s anti-warming crusade look ridiculous.

The Lord does often work in mysterious ways. I believe Americans might have reason in the future to look back on the twin miracles of the leaked climate e-mails and a December snowstorm as having combined to save our economy and our entire way of life from deliberate ruin by ignorant (and greedy) politicians. Decades from now, today’s young people might be telling their grandchildren how we came within an eyelash of going back to candles and bicycles at the height of the global warming scare.

It has often been waggishly said that God looks after fools and drunkards. To that short list we might add “the American people.” God bless us all, every one.

Treasuring the Christmas Message

george_hancockstefanThe concept that most of us have of the Christmas story is high power energy.  From the moment that the angel Gabriel comes and makes the announcement until the escape of the family to Egypt, it can often read like a spy novel.  Two people are told that they will become the parents of God’s promise to the people of Israel.  Neither of them can believe that this is happening to them.  Mary is the pure virgin and cannot imagine that she can conceive.  Joseph is a righteous person and cannot imagine that the woman he loved so much and with whom he wanted to spend his life was pregnant and it was not his child.  God intervenes and they come together now as a couple, but not yet as husband and wife until the baby is born.

The time of the birth is getting near. Instead of preparing to have the baby delivered in the warmth of their home in Nazareth, Mary and Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem.  They are not the only ones arriving in Bethlehem.  The Roman census has forced many to travel to Judah and while some of the locals were glad to make some money by having people in their inns, there are always those who cannot afford the inn and they are looking for the alms of the local residents.  In the overcrowded inns, Mary and Joseph cannot find lodging and are forced to find a place in the stable.

It is to the shepherds in the fields that the angels are bringing the good news that the Shepherd of the world has been born.  It connects the history of King David, the beloved shepherd of the nation of Israel with the current shepherds who are privileged to hear the songs of the angels and the announcement.  They are the first to confirm the news that indeed as it has been told to them – the Shepherd of Israel has been born.

We move at a fast pace (at least in the Gospels) and we find this group of wandering Magi who go to the wrong place (Herod’s place) and then to the right place (where Jesus was with his parents) only to incur the wrath of Herod because another angel told them to avoid a return trip to the royal palace.  I do not know if in the hurry of the night, Joseph and Mary packed the Magi’s gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense, or the neighbors helped them get on the way because the soldiers of Herod were approaching quickly.

Sometimes when the Christmas story goes on at great speed, I imagine a small child opening one gift after another, without appreciating any of the toys that he has received.  They joy almost becomes the opening of the gifts, not the gifts themselves.

In the tumult of the Incarnation, the pensive one is Mary.  Elizabeth, her cousin, is aware of this characteristic when she blesses her by saying, “Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished” (Luke 1:45). After the testimony of the shepherds that they have heard this angelic choir, Luke writes, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).  Even when Jesus is 12 years old and they are returning from their trip to the Temple, Luke makes this remark, “But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:51b).

I like my life at a fast pace.  I like the pace of the church combined with the seminary, I like the pace of a house filled with my children and their friends, and I like the pace of friends and relatives coming over.  I like the noise, the arguments, the competition to state quickly what one thinks.  I remember arriving at Estes Park with a group of young people and starting to settle into our rooms.  Another friend arrived and he wondered how we could unload without having music.  He turned the radio on at full blast because he could not take the silence of the mountains.

Yet, what I miss the most is the time to ponder things.  I am in constant motion.  I need to have paper nearby to do outlines and sermons, while driving to Philadelphia is my prayer time.  I want to write so that I will not need to edit.  I am planning the Christmas programs while thinking ahead about what I need to do in January. 

One day one of my daughters said to me, “I do not think that I will give you another Christmas gift because the one that I gave you last year is still in the box.”  The Apostle Paul tells us that the focus of the Incarnation is that the heir Jesus Christ came so that I may inherit the glory of heaven.  Yet, I miss that great story because I am constantly on the go.

It is time to ponder. God sent his Son so that you will become his son or daughter at this Christmas time.  May this reality fill your heart and your life.

Obama Bribing Democrats to Buy Votes for Obamacare

gordon_bishopIn office less than a year, President Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the U.S. Constitution by criminally buying votes to pass his radical health care plan for all Americans.

    To get Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu to vote on his massive 2,000-plus pages of “health care “for all Americans,” Obama simply gave Louisiana $300 million. Nice payoff!

    Ben Nelson, a conservative Nebraska Democrat, also got a free medical plan for his State after he voted for the Marxist health care legislation being pushed through Congress before Christmas by President Obama.

    This could only happen because of Obama’s crooked Chicago political machine. It’s known as “The Chicago Way.”

    The Chicago Way is illegal, illegitimate and a fraud that is sacking our federal government for all its worth.

    It’s too late to do anything because Obama economics already has pushed up the federal debt to more than $12 trillion — and he’s been in office less than a year, thanks to millions of ignorant young voters who are clueless when it comes to government shenanigans.

    Ignorance (or Marxism, or both) is rapidly turning America into an Islamic, Communist nation.

    Unless we save America before the great economic collapse next year, we’ve first got to get rid of our fraudulent “Pretender” — Barack Hussein Obama.

    As I compose this column, I really miss GEORGE W. BUSH.

    That’s right! Bush kept America safe for 7 years after the first terrorist attack on the USA on 9/11/01

    Under Obama, I (and millions of other ‘thinkers’), do not feel as safe under the current Presidency.

    Obama must go — NOW!


    For that to happen, we need millions of taxpaying, voting citizens to stand up against Obamaism.

    We need, immediately, a second American Revolution. The first revolution in 1776 gave birth to the United States of America (all 13 colonies at that time).

    We really need to find another Ronald Reagan to lead this huge revolution that can rid the White House of this fake, phony Pretender.

    This guy is a classic fool. He is spending hundreds of millions of dollars flying all over the globe in the highly expensive “Air Force One” super-jet airline, driving up our national debt and driving down the value of our dollar, which is now worth a miserable 20 cents.

    You might want to call it the “Value of Barack Obama” — an almost worthless 20 cents.

    Yes, Obama is a worthless Pretender, not fit to lead America in the 21st Century.

    Thanks to the Far Left Liberal Democrat Party and liberal media, we are stuck with this lame African American who is self-indulgent when it comes to high-end living, again, at our expense.

    I’m still waiting, after more than a year, for Obama to produce his birth certificate.

    Why won’t he just give his birth certificate to the United States Supreme Court for examination?

    Why? Because he does not have one. It’s as simple as that. He is not a natural born citizen.

    Since Obama announced two years ago that he was going to run for president, my investment portfolio is no longer worth $229 thousand. It’s down to $$150 thousand.

    So much for working all my life (from age 16 to 72) to find your retirement (Nest Egg)vanishing before your eyes.

    I can’t afford this radical Marxist!

    America cannot afford this ACORN crook from Chicago.

    So what are waiting for?

    The “Silent Majority” should be marching in the streets of Washington, D.C., and demanding a recount of the 2008 election to find out how many fraudulent votes were cast by ACORN in some 13 States?

    America used to be known as the “Sleeping Giant.”

    What happened to this “Sleeping Giant?”

    It’s been brainwashed by the liberal media into accepting Marxism and Communism, rather than FREEDOM & LIBERTY.

    All I can say, as usual, is: God Bless America!”


(Gordon Bishop is a ‘Who’s Who in the World’ national award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey’s First “Journalist-of-the-Year”–1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.  His 14th book will be released January 13 — Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die).

Santa’s Gift Bag

jack_archibald_120A peek into Santa’s gift bag a day early revealed the following:

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Lou Fligor– a committee assignment he can refuse

President Barack Obama-  an agenda that the majority of Americans support

AHES Principal Christopher Rooney– a solar panel

Red Bank Mayor Pasqual Menna–  a reserved parking spot

Congressman Rush Holt– a debate with Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre

Freeholder-elect John Curley- the comeback award

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid-  legislation that doesn’t need to be bought

Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl-  a single scull

New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie– a personal trainer

Outgoing Governor Jon Corzine– one competent political advisor

Monmouth County GOP Chairman Joe Oxley– Chris Christie’s gratitude

Vice President Joseph Biden– prepared text

Highlands Councilman-elect Rick O’Neil-   Anna Little’s title

Highlands Mayor Anna Little-  another shot at Freeholder

Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider – a weekend in New London, Connecticut

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford – a trail map

Atlantic Highlands- Highlands Sewer Authority– the $22k that Highlands is stiffing us

Former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer– the rock to go back under

State Senator Sean Kean– a leadership post in Trenton

Atlantic Highlands Mayor Fred Rast– a bigger ice rink

A H Herald Editor Allan Dean– a column delivered before midnight

Body Politic Readers–  A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year