Skewed View – 10/12/2012

tom_brennan_120It appears the way you eat your egg can predict your personality type. I’m not too eggcited about it:
As if having an ice cube recipe on the Food Network website wasn’t funny enough; you should read the comments:
The Pizza Party (Pizza Hut) will give anyone a pizza who asks pizza question at a town hall meeting.
#amurka The 10 best McDonalds meals you can’t buy in the US:
The Wonderful World of Bacon [Infographic]

Guy gets arrested for being a fake cop, with a real gun to get free McDonald’s in the great state of…
Cop goes ‘under cover’ as a huge traffic cone at at crosswalk.  Still issues tickets:

Both Apple & Google are spending less money on research & development and more on patents.There goes the neighborhood:

Question: Windows 7 has more or less infections this year than last year:
Zynga’s price plummets below what cash they actually have. Better start clicking on those ads in Words With Friends:
Two drones perform unmanned refueling in mid-air…while searching for Sarah Connor:
How you can stop Verizon from selling your information to a third party…Ya know, to keep your rates down:

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos admits that the Kindle Fire is sold at cost.  This also in, the Earth is round:
So you want a cheap e-book reader for Christmas?  How does $13 sound?

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