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On The Horizon

mikolay headshot 2011 120For a very long time now, I have pondered how to make the jump from blogging solely about news and politics to also documenting less-divisive, more inspiring matters. Until now, such a development has yet to come to fruition, as it is easy to talk oneself out of any kind of drastic overhaul of web based-content. For fear of losing readership, the format has remained unchanged. That said, this blog has reached the point where an expansion to new horizons, beyond the boundaries of strictly political matters, is imminent: there are too many things to discuss at the Jersey Shore—history, events, people, and places—all of which are intricately interwoven with one another, to restrict new content. Additionally, there are more than enough websites out there that are strictly political, but very few I can think of which focus upon the important trifecta that helps to make a community: people, government, and history. 

Innumerous stories are waiting to be told, so it would be a shame to neglect them.  The new space will be called On The Horizon.

Yes, the political columns will remain and there will definitely be many more in the future; however, elections and government are but two of the things that make the Garden State what it is. There really is a great deal more I have wanted to write about yet never did for lack of isolating the political audience.

Now, the time feels right to try something new.


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