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Skewed View by Tom Brennan

Skewed View – October 16, 2015

tom brennan 120Looks like someone you know was the featured homebrewer on BottleTrade:

How do you get 33% of vegetarians to eat meat?  Get them drunk:

And on the 8th day God ordered Domino’s and gave the driver a $1,000 tip:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for slow melting ice cream:

The only unboxing video you’ll ever need to see: Weird Al opening his Grammy:

Beyonce & Jay Z have bought the mansion from The Big Lebowski.  They said I can have any rug in the house:

Someone kept a whole bunch of old tapes from the store in the 80s & 90s.  Now you can listen to them

The best way to dose a fire is NOT by driving a truck full of ammo over it:

If you’re out of work sick today there’s a 38% chance you’re not sick. And hopefully you didn’t use these excuses:

Let’s all cry a river as Wal-Mart heirs lose $11B in a single day:

A Target in Texas plays porn over the PA.  Who did it?  Look for the kid with the large right forearm:

A poultry company has an idea for Twitter that’s really for the birds:

If you want, I’m taking bets on when the FBI will start investigating fantasy sports websites.  I bet now:

If you plan on breaking into someone’s house don’t pick house with a roller derby girl trained in medievel combat:

Next time I get called for jury duty remind me to dress like a prisoner:

Pimping ain’t easy, but paying off your student debt sure is fun:


Skewed View – October 13, 2015

tom brennan 120A lunch menu from the Titanic just sold for $88k.  Don’t think iceberg lettuce was being served:

Whole Foods will stop selling prison labor food.  In other news: Whole Foods was selling prison labor food:

Life note: If you eat something black, there’s a good chance something else will change color:

9 places in Jersey where, if you beat a food challenge you get the food for free.  I sir, accept your challenge:

UConn student arrested for wanting mac & cheese. Oh, he was also intoxicated, pushed a worker, & it was on video:

The last thing you should do if you’re late for your flight is call in a bomb threat:

Mother in Ireland refused to give her T1 diabetic child insulin fearing the child will become “addicted”:

It’s the first time in 6 years that no single NFL player has been arrested in September:

Santa Claus is running for North Pole Alaska’s City Council.  Seriously:

Let’s chalk up another Senator who voted against Sandy aid and is now looking for a “handout” to help their state:

Liza Minnelli has a fabulous 200-mile Uber ride to get to a gig:

While a guy who smokes weed can’t get a job mopping floors DEA agents fail drug tests w/no consequences:

This is what people in 1900 thought we’d look like in the year 2000…in the year 2000:

Got $5 and want to cancel your Comcast service?  I’ve got a deal for you:

I…am…in…shock that a sports betting website has been accused of leaking insider information:

Employees at Draftkings have won about $6M by betting on rival site FanDuel:


Skewed View – October 2, 2015

tom brennan 120I mean, who wouldn’t start throwing things at McDonald’s employees because they put pickles on your burger:

Ever want to see what additives go into some of your food?

Drinking tea isn’t bad for you, unless you make it sweeter than soda:

If you’re in the market for caffeinated peanut butter, boy do I have news for you:

When the Pope says “you’re crazy” for driving 13,000 miles to see him, he doesn’t actually mean it:

A Chinese man who is a “fake Obama” speaks “fake English”.  Bonus: The BBC video player goes to 11:

As they travel to London to play the Dolphins, the Jets bring 350 rolls of toilet paper:

It’s not in your best interest to steal a lottery ticket dispenser &return to the store later to cash in your tickets:

If I had a dollar for every time I read of a person posting their crime on Facebook I wouldn’t have to rob a bank:

(Not the world’s smartest) Man tries to kill a spider at a gas pump with his lighter:

Just gonna leave this here; The more you have to pee the better liar you are:

It’s not a good start to the day when you confuse self-expanding builder’s foam with mousse:

I mean, who wouldn’t confuse an airplane’s outer door with the bathroom door…at 30,000 ft?

If your cousin doesn’t show up to your wedding, it’s proper educate to send a bill for the food, right?

“Never Forget”.  Don’t worry we won’t.  Lawmakers in DC…that’s another story:

Anti-gay bakers in Oregon ordered to pay $500k after not serving gay couple pocket money raised to pay fine:

There’s a Kickstarter out there for self-rolling dice.  Ya know, because playing a board game is so exhausting:

If you’re a clean freak with a PS3 it’s best you don’t click on this link:

Think HTML is an STD?  You’re not alone:


Skewed View – September 18, 2015

tom brennan 120Looks like the paleo diet wasn’t something that cavemen ate:

I’m too sure how I feel about “slow melting ice cream”:

Very soon you may be able to order the best wine to go with your Volcano Nachos at Taco Bell:

7-Eleven is testing delivery “packs” in some markets.  The Date Night Pack includes, Red Bull, ice cream & 3 condoms:

How much does it take to make a sandwich from scratch? This guy spent $1500:

Porsche has come out w/an electric concept car to take on Tesla.  I was hoping it would be volts wagon:

The “dislike” button is coming to Facebook.  What could possibly go wrong:

Sharp is starting to sell a TV that’s 8K for $133k, OK?

The Royal Navy plans to put on ships, a weapon which is in essence a sophisticated heat beam they call a “laser”:

Apple gives users the finger by not allowing us to send a emoticon in iOS9:

Life tip: When robbing a bank it’s best to take cash.  Don’t have the teller deposit the money in your account:

New study shows watching porn does not give a negative attitude toward women.  But can it still make you go blind?

Better make sure when you’re texting your dealer for some blow that it’s not really a police captain:

Remember that joke in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off about sticking a “lump of coal up Cameron’s a**”?:

Would you see me post a story where a teenager only shot himself in the leg once in 3 months?

Were your feet sniffed at a Florida library?  The police would like to talk to you:

A hedge fund manager has just paid 800 NYC teachers $15k each becuase they are getting paid poorly:

A mega donor to a Rick Perry SuperPAC is now looking for his honey back.  Guess it was a mega loaner:

Scottish soccer team turns the tables and tells their fans that they stink, seriously:

Who said there was nothing to do in Alabama.  I mean you can jump a flaming SUV into a lake:



Skewed View – September 11, 2015

tom brennan 120I bet a “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco” at Taco Bell tastes as gross as it sounds:

A whisky that spent 3 years on the ISS is now back on earth.  I bet you it tastes out of this world:

Next month you can own a lock for your Nutella…complete with padlock.  That’s nuts:

John McAfee is now running for president.  If you haven’t heard yet he’ll remind you with an update every 15 minutes:

Attention NJ drivers: For $250k you can have the easiest comment in the world:

In 2017 Verizon will offer 5G service, which is faster than Google Fiber to help you hit your data cap in 3 days:

Amazon has stopped selling the Fire phone.  Oh, you forgot Amazon was actually selling the Fire phone?

Where would whale vomit fetch up to $10k at auction?  In Wales of course:


Skewed View – August 28, 2015

tom brennan 120At least one thing got settled in the Middle East, Heinz Ketchup can’t be called ketchup in Israel:

If the sound of “poop-flavored curry” is not your thing, don’t click on this link:

A woman has found the face of Donald Trump in a tub of butter:

Amazon is testing out 1-hour booze deliver in Seattle.  What could possibly go wrong:

Someone in a cloak is leaving raw meat at outdoor playgrounds in North Carolina:

Next time you’re in Wichita Falls, Texas why not stop by the world’s tiniest skyscraper:

A Danish man has found an interesting way to pass time in IKEA:

Some judges carry a gavel to carry out justice, this one uses a phone…to text prosecuters to help win a case:

If you’re reading this while sitting on the toilet, you’re doing it wrong:

Wu-Tang Clan still hasn’t sold their $5M record:

Android lock patterns are as common as “password” or “1234”:

It seems like everywhere you turn everyone is signing up for Tinder.  Including Patrick, the world’s older wombat:

Skewed View – August 21, 2015

tom brennan 120Astronauts eat salad…in sppaaaaaaaace:

Have you eaten a blueberry lately?  You have New Jersey to thank for that:

Russian authorities bust up $30M cheese ring.  The crooks weren’t going to get a whey with it:

Burglars break into a store in Germany & opened 1200 beer bottles, not for the beer, but for the prize:

Meet the Buffalo Chicken Rollup, alternative to Buffalo wings…stop…there is no alternative to Buffalo wings:

Someone created a Lucky Charms vodka milkshake.  Why did they have to use a cereal with leprachaun as a mascot?

British bank robbers draw a firearm during a heist.  No, they literally drew a firearm:

“Priest Says Gay Sex Is Like Putting A Bagel In Your Ear”  Wait, am I missing something here?

“Social media blamed as Spanish bull-run deaths hit double figures”

PSA: If you want to give someone a bad haircut, make sure they don’t own a sledgehammer:

Marco Rubio a hit with kids in Florida.  Oh, I’m sorry, Marco Rubio hits kid in the face with a football in Florida:


A Florida gun range will start serving booze.  What could possibly go wrong?

Remember when SnapChat turned down a $3B deal from Facebook?  Yeah, they probably should’ve taken it:

What better musician to start a bee farm than Flea (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers):

Jon Stewart isn’t taking off much time after his run on The Daily Show.  He’s set to host Summer Slam:

Tracy Morgan is set to host Saturday Night Live on October 17th:

The Buffalo Bill house from Silence of the Lambs is on sale.  Fine I’ll buy it JUST GIVE ME BACK MY DOG:

The house from the Goonies is getting shut down.  Why?  I’ll tell you, but you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle:

In case you wanted to see every explosion in every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie:


Skewed View – August 14, 2015

tom brennan 120Whole Foods pulls Asparagus Water from the shelves.  I wonder what it smelled like:

New study: Butter is bad for you.  Best part: The study was funded by the butter industry:


Nooooo, wait it’s Bud Light.  Hahahahahah:

No you can eat a part of your nutritious breakfast, or drink it:

There is no reason we should be drinking less soda.  This message brought to you by the soda industry:

Sad news for anyone who grew up in the 80s & 90s: Columbia House Music has filed for bankruptcy protection:

Want to see what Shrek would have looked like if Chris Farley played the lead character?

Volunteer firefighters are supposed to put out fires, not call in prank ones:

Well, the bank robber did tell the teller not to put dye packs in the money.  He never said anything about a GPS:

Now, do you think I would put this link up if only one member of this flight crew was drunk?

Rich kids take note: A way to get a new Ferrari is NOT to set fire to the old one:

Man looses his wallet 30 years ago on a train.  He’s reunited with it & a £1 note.  I guess there was no interest:

There’s an unexpected bi-product of global warming, but I don’t want to boar you with it:

If any of your employees ask, “Why can’t I have a company card”, you can show them this:

Mustang driver uses his smartphone to post videos of him going 150 mph online.  Sounds pretty dumb to me:

Couple takes its 5′ snake for a swim in a river is worried for it’s safety.  Don’t worry it’s “very friendly”:

The head of a local MADD chapter resigns after he got charged with DUI:

Let this be a lesson to you: Don’t mess with a roller-derby queen, especially one called Ida B. ChoAzz:

Mother of 3 is going blind from drinking Red Bull.  Did I forget to mention  she was drinking 28 Red Bulls a day?

Skewed View – August 10, 2015

tom brennan 12020 years ago this movie predicted we’d be ordering pizza online.  What was it called….”The Net”:

Ever enjoy goldfish?  How about canned food or deli meats?  Well, you can thank the US Army for that:

If you eat spicy food, you’ll live longer.  At least that what “they” are saying this week:

One of the famous Rutgers grease trucks are going for sale…on Craigslist:

In case you’re interested in seeing a timeline of what affect beer has on your body:

Wild turkey is causing havoc on a college campus.  No, no, no, a real wild turkey:

Now, for a limited time only you too can have the X15 flamethrower:

Florida man does his best to be Kevin Spacey in Se7en by chewing off his fingerprints:

So that neglected animal you called the SPCA about…is an ornamental donkey:

I don’t know, maybe it’s a thing in NH, but people are getting upset that they can’t sleep w/animals at the fair:

Ever want to know why CGI is bad in films?  Maybe it has to do with the story:

Man gets what he deserves when he shoots at an armadillo.  Perhaps they should call them “armordillos”:


Skewed View – July 31, 2015

tom brennan 120Florida man gets banned for life from ALL Starbucks for telling people to move out of handicap spots:

Behold, the Trump circus peanut and other political food art (yes, you did read that right):

Grab your pancakes and start heading to New England.  There was a truck leaking maple syrup in New Hampshire:

Maybe is all the added sugar we’re eating that’s causing us to gain weight, not sweeteners:

I guess the coupon for a free burger wasn’t enough as a man sues In-N-Out Burger for putting meth in his drink.  :

We need guns to protect ourselves.  That and to shoot propane tanks in the forest and cause a fire:

New Jersey drivers take pride in being tough.  And by tough I mean pulling out a samurai sword in the Holland Tunnel:

A Florida woman named Crystal Metheny was arrested, not for drugs, but for shooting a missile:

OK,so I’ve pack in my carry-on;shampoo, some magazines, crosswords, a hatchet, some bottle rockets, & smoke grenades:

If you’re afraid of the dentist don’t watch this news report.  Trust me:

Two cops are talking about how much he looks like he’s going to rob a bank.  Turns out he tried to rob a bank:

Ever wonder how cool it would be to have super-human strength?  Then go work at a Panasonic warehouse:

How much is your identity worth?  How does about $20 sound?

Bad news: Your next phone will have a USB-C charger.  Good news: It will fit no matter which way you plug it in:

Voyager’s gold record is now available for download:

If you’re looking at this and using Windows 10 there’s a chance you’re sharing your password with me:

THE FUTURE IS HERE.  Lexus has made a hoverboard:

Here’s 150 easter eggs from every Pixar movie.  Nope you haven’t seen every one of these easter eggs:

Want to be a super-villian?  First, you’ll have to shave off all the hair on your head;

Downtown Abbey is moving to Netflix. Oh wait, I’m sorry Top Gear is moving to Amazon: