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Democratic National Convention – Day #3

eric brophyLeaders who lead.  Wednesday’s DNC events surrounded building a case for Secretary Clinton as a strong leader who will lead the country in a positive direction.

The NJ delegation heard from some of its strongest legislators during the morning breakfast including the congressional delegation and state legislators.  

eric brophy chris murphy

Photo: Sen. Chris Murphy (r) of Connecticut spoke about gun violence.

Notably, VP candidate Tim Kaine described how the accomplishments that both he and Secretary Clinton will lead the US to be greater.  Senator Kaine, often speaking in Spanish, during his speech showed that the country has been on the incline over the past 8 years under President Obama and that policies and ideas developed by the president with the aid of Secretary Clinton have made the country the strongest it has been in 50 years.

dnc joe signs

Vice President Joe Biden was a show stopper within the convention hall.   His ability to tell it like it is captured the delegates.  Many of us are lamenting the fact that he will be out of politics soon and his 4 decades of positive change will leave a vast void.

dnc obama signs

Anyone who saw President Obama last night saw him at his best.  President Obama drove home his record of success over the past 8 years and explained how Secretary Clinton helped him in doing so.  The transition from Obama to Clinton seemed to be an easy one based on the case that was laid out.

dnc philadelphia sign

Notwithstanding the production and the content of the politicized speeches, one thing has stood out over the past three days of the DNC.  That is, the contrast in quality and content of the parties platforms, leaders and policies couldn’t be clearer.  The DNC has been an adult conversation about moving the country forward.  Wherein, the RNC seemed nothing more than a name calling shout fest with no real plans.  

Everyone should make the effort and watch the speeches on Day 4. 


Democratic National Convention – Day #2

dnc police line

eric brophyDemocracy in Action

Day 2 of the DNC began with breakfast and remarks by a true American hero, General Wesley Clark.  His words to the delegation focused on participation and driving the nation in the right direction without divisiveness and hatred.

dnc nj nominatingThe proudest part of the convention thus far was when the New Jersey delegation cast its 147 votes for Senators Sanders and Secretary Clinton.  It was unquestionably one of the most memorable experiences of my political life.  State Democratic Chair John Currie, surrounded by Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Bergen County Democratic Chair Lou Stellato and other elected officials from New Jersey.  It was easy to tell who the star of the NJ delegation was however.  Senator Cory Booker was mobbed by photographers, reporters and convention delegates seeking those famous Booker selfies.

dnc nominee sign

The night was capped by a speech that seemed a return by President William Clinton to his old days of glory.  He expressed his love and admiration for his wife and the convention audience sat on edge of their seats hanging on every word.

dnc bernie sign

The night did not go off without a hitch however.  Many Sanders delegates stormed out of the convention hall once Senator Sanders placed the votes from Vermont launching Secretary Clinton over the top in delegate votes.  The Sanders supporters held protests outside of the convention hall.

dnc jill stein

In another clash, Jill Stein, Green Party candidate was seen walking the halls and inviting disenfranchised Sanders delegates to join her team.  She was swarmed by news crews and clashed with Sanders supporters that turned into a shouting match and chants for her to leave.  She was eventually chased out by angry Sanders supporters.

Wednesday we look forward to hearing speeches by President Obama, Vice President Biden and Senator Tim Kaine.


Democratic National Convention – Day #1

eric brophy

Raucous, intense, inspirational.  This describes day one of the DNC.

The New Jersey delegation started the day with a breakfast hosted by Ambassador Phil Murphy.   Former Pa Governor Ed Rendell gave a passionate speech about the direction of the party and the importance of unifying the party under Secretary Clinton.  

dnc love trumps hate Continue reading Democratic National Convention – Day #1

GOP Convention Report #5 – Recap

gop balloon dropDonald J. Trump is the Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America

anna littleWhat a whirlwind of a week it has been here at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio. The city of Cleveland has been decked out with welcome signs in red white and blue.  It’s clear that Cleveland knew Republicans were coming and the city was ready for us.

Cleveland is fun, friendly, and safe. Police from all across the nation patrolled the streets on bicycle, horseback, and on foot. These patrols kept protests contained and quickly dispersed skirmishes before they could escalate. Continue reading GOP Convention Report #5 – Recap

GOP Convention Report #4 – Wednesday


gop bramnick siekerka fergusonPHOTO: This morning’s NJ Delegation Briefing was a panel discussion about lobbying and legislative process. (Left to Right NJ Assembly Leader John Bramnick, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka, former Congressman Michael Ferguson (NJ)

The discussion focused on special interests, constituent demands, and the need for compromise in order to get things done.


I attended the Life and Values luncheon sponsored by Susan B Anthony List. 

gop dannenfelser little fergusonPHOTO: With Marjorie Dannenfelser and Michael Ferguson (NJ)

The Family Research Council and the Latino Coalition luncheon was at the Powerhouse. Great venue. Christie spoke there. I wasn’t able to stay.

gop schaflyPHOTO: Phyllis Schiafly speaks to the crowd.

Yesterday’s lunch was sponsored by the Republican National Coalition for Life founded by Phyllis Schiafly. Phyllis is responsible in large part for maintains the pro-life portion of the RNC Platform

gop life luncheon

Grover Norquist (ATR) Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday Meeting (usually at ATR offices in DC) was also held at the Powerhouse.  It’s an off the record meeting focused on reducing taxes.

gop perry littlePHOTO: With Gov. Rick Perry

Evening session of the RNC Convention last night was preceded by the roll call of each state for vote tallies for nomination of the republican candidate for the President of the United States.  Several states objected to RNC recording of vote tallies and required a poll of the delegates by the RNC officials in an effort to correct the rally. 

gop roll call

The process was tedious but necessary to ensure that an actual vote count was recorded in fairness to all candidates. The session concluded with unified support for the candidacy of Donald J Trump for President of the United States.

Media row consists of over 200 media outlets covering the Convention and conducting live interviews of RNC Surrogates, speakers and leaders of policy and issue organizations.

The Convention floor was packed. Festive attire ranged from red, white and blue business attire to full blown Uncle Sam outfits and fancy festive headwear.

gop police line

Protests were continuous outside the Quicken Loans Arena.  Black Lives Matter and homosexual rights activists claimed sponsorship of some of the protests. Protests were peaceful and police presence extremely strong. At one point yesterday afternoon police formed a walkway three men strong in each side for convention goers to safely enter and exit the arena. Bomb sniffing dogs are stationed at every entry exit location and patrolled Media row throughout the day. Police and Secret Service are doing a superb job at keeping convention goers safe.

GOP Convention Report #3 – Tuesday

anna littleDelegates, honorary delegates and guests were treated to a fun reception outside the Quicken Loans Arena Monday, on the first day of the Republican National Convention. Live music, food and beverage stations and ample opportunity to purchase campaign gear made for a festive celebration of the GOP unity in support of the Trump-Pence team.

gop rnc 2016 outside

On Media Row over 200 outlets broadcasting from 6am to 11pm were buzzing as politicians and staffers walked from booth to booth giving live interviews for radio and television and print media. CNN and Google provided beverages and snacks.

gop cops bike

Talk Media News, our host at Media Row, ensured that Conservative Commandos was on the floor of the convention and in the radio seats set aside for media covering the event. Conservative Commandos is grateful and honored to bring this experience to We The People. We talk about democracy in action. Here in Cleveland Ohio at the Republican National Convention we are seeing democracy in action before our very eyes.

gop rnc inside nj pole

Inspiring speakers abounded but most notable were the Benghazi duo telling the horrific story of that fateful day when four Americans were lost including Ambassador Chris Stevens while Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored repeated cries for help. These two brave heroes lived to tell the story of a terrible travesty of senseless loss of life. Had cries for help been heeded, had America showed strong leadership, clearly these lives would not have been lost and Libya may not be in the tumult she continues to experience today.

gop benghazi duo

We at Conservative Commandos Radio encourage listeners to remember Benghazi during this election cycle. Clinton was in leadership that day. A Clinton White House will result is similar failed leadership in the future. The safety and security of America and the world as we know it hangs in the balance.

gop gov christie

Governor Chris Christie was on the convention floor last night accompanied by Chairman Sam Raia, Leader Bramnick, Ocean County Chairman George Gilmore, and countless members of the NJ delegation. Media swarmed about the Governor as he entered the convention hall.

gop sam raia convention floor
PHOTO: Sam Raia Chairman NJGOP, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (center), George Gilmore Ocean County Chair (behind Bramnick) on convention floor.

NJ has front row seats to the convention stage a stones throw from speakers and media due to Chris Christie’s support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The excitement in the room was palpable.  We’re looking forward to continued excitement in the presentations today.

gop allen west

Of special importance to Conservative Commandos was the chance meeting of this cohost with Colonel Allen West outside the convention hall. Colonel Allen West was very supportive to us during our infancy and continues to support us today. Colonel West remembers making the recording we use in every broadcast at CCRS: “This is Colonel Allen West and you are listening to Conservative Commandos Radio Show.”  We took a fun selfie for the guys in the studio.

Check back for more updates as we continue coverage today.

GOP Convention Report #2 – Monday

anna littleMonday morning briefing of the NJGOP Delegation was led by Bill Pallatucci, National Committeeman.

Gov Christie is at Michigan delegation this morning. He will speak at RNC Finance Luncheon and RGA Finance Luncheon.  He’ll be on the floor at the convention tonight. Christie speaks at the convention tomorrow night after Speaker Ryan and just before the Trump family, roughly 9:30-10pm.

gop bill palatucciPHOTO: National Committeeman from NJ Bill Palatucci.

The State party is debt free with $370K cash on hand. Trump and Christie fundraiser responsible. Raised over $750K

gop jon bramnick njgop chair sam raiaPHOTO: Leader Jon Bramnick and NJGOP Chair Sam Raia

Platform Committee report was delivered by Sen. Joe Penaccio. He stated it is the most conservative platform in a long time. There were nearly 100 members on the GOP platform committee. Over 500 press credentials were issued. The meetings were covered on Cspan. The process was open and transparent. Sen. Pennacio said “The platform is not perfect, but it is an honest transparent attempt to tell Americans what to expect from Republicans. The Democrat platform committee consisted of 13 people in closed door session . It was about as open honest and transparent as the Clinton emails.”

gop mike doherty mrs doherty mrs joseph pennaccioPHOTO: Sen. Mike Doherty, Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Joseph Pennaccio.

Regarding the Trump campaign Sen. Pennaccio stated:  “Trump knows the Road to Washington goes through NJ.  On January 20 the infamous Obama apology tour ends and Donald J Trump becomes President of the United States.”


GOP Convention Report #1

anna littleAnna Little, former Monmouth County freeholder and former Highlands Mayor is attending the GOP Convention this week in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is an honorary delegate and a credentialed member of the media.  She will be broadcasting from radio row, 3-5PM Monday through Friday. She will also have limited floor access. 

Mrs. Little has agreed to report periodically from the convention for Herald readers.  Her reports were be posted in our Newsbrief/Politics section. 

This morning, she was with the NJ delegation and attended a breakfast and morning briefing.  Bill Palatucci, RNC Committeeman, spoke this morning and provided a Convention Orientation to the delegation.

You can tune in to her daily broadcasts on WNJC 1360 Philadelphia, or stream live from 3-5PM

For more information about the GOP Convention you may visit: